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Welcome to Kvasikattens Cornish Rex

A small presentation of the cattery and the cat that I live and have lived with!

My breeding started in 2000 with a female from a friend of mine - "Goldens Natalia" chocolate - who was pregnant when she came to me.
She gave birth to a litter of 4. Hedda (S*Authors in Eskilstuna) and
Gredelina  (stayed in the cattery) and two others that were sold as pets.

S*Kvasikattens Gredelina is lavender and had a number of litters.
I saved S*Kvasikattens Heather (lavender)  from her firstborn litter in the cattery and  Heather has subsequently received a number of litters herself and became Supreme Champion (EC).
In the meantime, I purchased  S*Charolais Aunt Tekla (black/white) that had one litter from which I saved S*Kvasikattens Caitin (lavender/white) for breeding. She became Supreme Premier (EP). Caitin passed away at an early age due to HCM and a leg injury. She inherited HCM from her father and she was never used for breeding.

Two of Heathers babies - S*Kvasikattens Bernadette (blacktortie/white) and S*Kvasikattens Eirinn  (lavender) stayed for breeding. Unfortunately, none of these were used since they had a pigmentation matter  (loss of pigment in patches- Vitoligo). I had to neuter Heather, Bernadette and Eirinn and I had no queen at all!

Bought a new female from S*Mobackens - Dairine  (crème/white) and she got two litters with the same stud– the first one “Red Devils” were 5 boys and then The Shamrock three – two black tortie females and one boy in May 2011.
I kept both girls – Roisin and Piob  for breeding.

S*Oonaghs Ornóra came to my herd in early spring 2012. She is a grandgrandchild of old Gredelina and is a lavendertortie and is also for breeding.

I have had CRX  ong before I started breeding. The first was Kazimirez Usambraviol (Kazi) (blackmackerel tortie) that came to me as a neuter at age 5 and S*Charolais Jesse James (lavender/white) as a companion to her – also a neuter.
Jesse became Supreme Premier (EP). They have left us in grief and these two oldies remain in my heart forever -- Kazi because of her amazing personality - a real grumpy old lady and Jesse because of his wonderful disposition and his kind and gentle soul!

Today 2012 there is Aunt Heather, Roisin, Piob and Ornóra living together with me. In 2012 there will be kittens on all three girlies…and as you can understand I really want lavender cats again  

Karin Dahl Private

I saw the light of the world in 1949 on a Thursday evening between pea soup and pancakes in Södertälje - where I still live!
A fat and ugly baby that grew up to the lady I am today.
My upbringing was - young in the 60s with all that meant, so-called adult in the 70's (not) and in 1980 I got a lovely daughter Karolina.

We struggled on alone, she and I from she was 4 years old and till today where she is 32 and is a trained electrician and is working as such...
Caroline gave me my cattery name - when she saw Kazi, she said -
"But that's not a real cat - that's a Kvasikatt"!

I have worked for many years in Prison as carers ....
Comfortable with "bandits" and my colleagues and I stop there when I retire.


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