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Crow song animal - and human use

About 10 years ago, my intrrest for animal communication startet, and so also my undergoing training as aninal communicators. In these I also found interest in Reiki healing of both people and animals, and I also attended a training to cat massage.

Through the years I have used this for both humans and animals, and it is a wonderful and- to me -vital part in my own malaise to feel that I can help animals that are not understood, and people who "rush to death" or are generally low in energy.

Took time off from my "regular" job and worked for a while on the zoo to get closer to the big cats- Asiatic lions, tigers, cougars, cheetahs, leopards and fishing cats.
Puma is my favorite cat amongt the "big", and the little band that was there was fantastic. Come very close to them. A wonderful experience!

Through the years, I and others have benefited from my skills and my soulis growing at every meeting I have with animals that need me.








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